Customer Spotlight: Tuloso Midway Soccer

January 29th, 2008

Tuloso Midway High School soccer team recently came to us to get some custom t-shirts made for their upcoming soccer season. As is our standard practice we asked if they needed any help designing their custom screen printed t-shirts; however, we quickly found out that they did not! These guys seemed to have a natural instinct for design and what they came up with was really quite phenomenal! Take a look at it:

Custom Soccer T Shirts

Let’s look a look at a few of the coolest aspects of this design. Of course the main thing is how nicely the colors contrast and compliment each other. The maroon and gold is very striking together. The placement and style of the lettering is also great. What we really like though is the back design. Not only does the top and bottom graphic add a great dose of symmetry to the design, but the fact that they changed their main line, “one tribe, one Nation” to white instead of leaving it gold like the rest of the design is a great example of how well the use of an additional color can bump up the impact of the message.

We wish Tuloso Midway High School the very best in their upcoming soccer season, but we’re really not worried about their performance at all. If they play as well as they design then we know they’ll be dominating their opponents and running down the field to victory!

I know of course that it is the time of the year, but we sure have been doing a lot of custom soccer t-shirts lately. They are all great designs and we appreciate all of our customers; however this soccer t-shirt design is definitely one of the best that we have seen and it deserves the extra accolades!

If you are a part of a soccer team and are looking for a great way to boost your team morale, or maybe just get something awesome for your fans to wear then custom designed soccer team t-shirts are the answer. The possibilities are endless and in addition to the design style above many teams enjoy adding their team roster to the back, or even their playing schedule. At the end of a strong, winning season what better way to celebrate than to print your season record or just a list of the teams you defeated?

The options are endless and we’ll be glad to get it right with you. We can let you in on some of the current trends that we are seeing in the wild. There are always new ideas coming out and we can work with you to find the design that is right for your team on the pitch or off.

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Geek T Shirts – 11 of the Nerdiest Shirts only Geeks and Tech Nerds Would Wear

January 25th, 2008
  1. MySpace Junkie
    MySpace T Shirt
    There is probably an inverse relationship between the number of friends one has in reality to the number of friends one has on Myspace. So, for all of you Myspace friend adding psycho’s out there, this one is for you.
  2. WordPress Blogging Platform
    WordPress T Shirt
    I’m not sure how ecstatic a person could get about their word press blog. I mean, unless you’re making tons of money off of advertising like Perez Hilton, I can’t see you running out to buy your spanking new WordPress t-shirt.
  3. Librarian Bust
    LIbrarian Google T Shirt
    Remember back in the 80’s when you had to do research for a paper and you would actually take trips to the library? It’s obvious that with the advent of Google and how it transformed the search for information, that same paper that may have taken you 10 hours to research and write may now only take you 5! It’s great for the researchers but horrible for traditional librarians!
  4. RTFM
    RFTM T Shirt
    There seems to be a cleaver relationship between the geek phrase Read the Effing Manual and the Red book that was endorsed by the former chairman of the communist part of China, Mao Zedong. I could just see Mao right now yelling to his deprived nation, RTFM!!!
  5. PWN3D
    Pwn3d T Shirt
    For all of the gamers and other competitive nerds, this one’s for you.
  6. Graphic/Web Designers
    Dead Pixels T Shirt
    If you think you’ve got a sixth sense for criticizing graphic design, you should probably own this one. If you often feel there could be something added to the space and the pixels just aren’t right, you should own this one too!
  7. Wireless Frequency Network Nerds
    Wireless T Shirt
    Everyone knows that the universal frequency for a wifi signal is 802.11, why not wear it? Does this shirt somehow imply that you’d like others to connect to your personal network? Hopefully your network isn’t password protected or you’ll probably be having a night alone.
  8. All your base are belong to us!
    All Your Base T Shirt
    So, this is a mash-up shirt that combines common hex values and the Zero Wing arcade game.
  9. Programming and Computer Languages
    Regular Expression T Shirt
    Binary Code T Shirt
  10. PTOE T Shirt
    PTOE T Shirt
    Just in case you’re really into chemistry and you haven’t already memorized each element in the Periodic Table of Elements, you can refer to your shirt, I’m sure this guy does.
  11. SYN – Denial of Attack
    SYN Denial T Shirt
    I’m not sure who this guy is sending his SYN packets to, but I hope it’s not our server!

For custom printed t-shirts and more visit You Design It. We take pride in doing the very best work possible for embroidered hats and custom tees.


Customer Spotlight: MotionNotes

January 23rd, 2008

We recently were contacted by MotionNotes on a Friday afternoon to see if it would be possible to print 200 shirts by the following Wednesday. The team at MotionNotes were very apologetic about the short notice but they had no idea that they were making our day. We were more than happy to help them as they are preparing for their new product launch.

Video is one of the hottest areas of development on the internet right now. Being able to deliver video in the e-mail inbox is somewhat of a new front that hasn’t been pioneered. The team of developers put together to make this a reality is a great group of coders. Not only that, they also have some strong designers and that made printing t-shirts for them and exciting endeavor for us because the artwork and message is so cool.

We always like to take on new and exciting ideas even if they are needed in a rush or if they vary from the norm. We will gladly work with you to determine what is going to be the best route to take and what ends up being the most economical. Having a cool custom printed project can be very affordable when specific options are explored and taken. We will help you find those options to make the price right.

MotionNotes in their own words:

“MotionNotes also lets you attach and send compelling multimedia content to accompany your personal video message.”

In our words:

“They have created a platform to email your videos and video messages to any one you want.”

The color options they selected looked great together and match their branding accordingly. It is extremely important when launching a new brand to make sure all the collateral media is in line with the message you are making as well as the look you are going for. The job we printed was very clever because their logo was consistent on the back of the shirts but they wanted different tag lines printed on the front. Here is the screen shots of what their t-shirts looked like:

Motion Notes T-Shirts 1Motion Notes T Shirt 2
Motion Notes T Shirt 3Motion Notes T Shirt 4
Motion Notes T Shirts 5

The tees came out awesome and the team was very happy to receive them. Everything was delivered on time and at a price they were very pleased with. We are looking forward to their launch and wish them the best of luck even though they probably don’t need it!

When you’re preparing for the launch of a new brand or startup, having schwag can be one of the best marketing techniques for getting your brand out there. Every loves a free t-shirt and when it is cool enough to be worn, you can turn every fan into a walking billboard promoting your growth. Tees are an easy avenue for promotion and startup acceleration.

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T-Shirt Printing with Half Tones

January 20th, 2008

The phrase “half tone” is very commonly thrown around in the t-shirt printing industry and of course those with experience in the field will know exactly what is being referred to when the phrase is used. However, it is to be expected that very often customers are confused or uncertain about what exactly a half tone is. In simplest terms half tones are a very easy and effective way to print gradients and maximize the amount of colors in custom printed t-shirts while keeping the cost down. Let me first begin by showing you a picture of what half tones are. Here is a really good design we printed that used half tones as a cool effect without adding anything to the price:

Intersect Artwork

Now, we’ll zoom up closer to view the half tones:

T-Shirt Half Tone Artwork

As you can see the image is darker in some places and lighter in others. That is an example of a gradient effect which in this case is being accomplished through the use of half tones. The name half tone is actually a bit deceiving because a half tone in an image will rarely be exactly 50% of the color as the name would imply; a half tone can actually be any percentage of an original color. Once a color has been reduced to a smaller percentage, it appears to be another color that is lighter than the original. Some good examples of colors that can be considered half tones of another color would be black to grey or red to pink. In terms of half tones the grey or the pink is accomplished by printing varying sizes of dots of the original color (black or red in these examples) and allowing the t-shirt color to show through. The combination of less ink being laid down and the t-shirt color showing through make very interesting and effective screen printed tees.

The best part about incorporating half tones into a design is that it adds variety and style to the artwork, but it doesn’t cost more to do. In fact, it actually costs less to use a color and its half tone than it would to use two different colors for the same effect.

The only downside is that when the print is magnified, it is not as solid and “convincing” as an original spot color. As with any artwork being screen printed on t-shirts It is of course very important to keep in mind the colors that you will be using in the design and how they will appear on various different colored t-shirts. This is especially important when printing with t-shirts since the color of the shirt underneath may change the way the artwork appears.

So if you’re on a budget or if you simply want to add a cool value-added effect involving half-tones to your artwork, just let us know and we will be happy to review the image and let you know your options.


Alternative to Printing Photos on T Shirts

January 15th, 2008

Printing photographs on t-shirts is one of the hardest jobs a screen printer can take on. Since screen printing is based on spot colors, or singular color inks, images that consist of thousands of colors such as photographs must be accomplished with four color process. Four color process for t-shirt printing is a way to separate the thousands of colors in a photograph into four single spot colors known as CMYK. The C stands for Cyan, the M is for Magenta, the Y is for yellow and the K is for key or black. These four colors run on four different screens and come together to look similar to the original photograph.

But as most customers tell us….just looking similar isn’t going to cut it. So why can’t the image look exact? The reason is because doing a photograph with four color process is not an exact science. Having a variance from the original photograph is almost guaranteed and the image will look different no matter what since a t-shirt is a very different type of medium than what a photograph is usually printed on. All of this adds up to quite a few potential problems.

Very commonly a customer will offer to do the image as a black and white photograph instead with the assumption that doing it black and white style will be easier and yield more exact results. We definitely appreciate the flexibility; however, unfortunately this is not a good solution either. That is because even with a black and white photograph there is still a full range gradients. Basically the image will consist of a gray scale that may be as dark as solid black in some places and as light as pure white in others – with every shade of gray imaginable in between! Getting that shading just right is still a very daunting prospect and there is still a huge margin for error.

So what can you do if color photographs and black and white renderings are both off the table? One of the best suggestions we can make to get the theme or concept across in the print is to convert that photograph or image as an animation. Let’s take a look at the following example which was a photograph that one of our customers wanted printed on black t shirts.

Casino Royal Photograph

It looks bright and terrific right? Unfortunately it’s also not something we can do in that format. However, let’s take a look at what really matters in the photograph. The background of the photograph, the building and lights, etc. is actually all fairly unimportant to conveying the main target of the photograph which is of course the casino logo itself. Here is that part of the image converted to a more animated image for print consisting of five spot colors.

Casino Royale Image 2

This image is still very true to the style and feel of the original casino logo and it is absolutely something that will yield high quality, reliable results! In this case, these shirts came out great and our customer was extremely happy with them. They were very pleased that we made that suggestion and informed them of their alternatives instead of printing an image they wouldn’t have been happy with. If you have your own photograph that you want to get printed then please let us know so that we can evaluate it and come up with possible alternatives.

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Digital T Shirt Printing…..What Is It?

January 13th, 2008

Digital Print T Shirt Example 1It’s a pain, but most apparel screen printers have mandatory minimums. The reason there are minimums is because the price to print single orders is astronomical! The more shirts you buy, the cheaper the price per shirt. That is how screen printers price, and their minimums usually start around 6, 12 or 15 pieces. Screen printed tees are the typical t-shirts you see everyday. They are printed on a spot ink printer, and the artwork generally lasts a very long time. It may take a while to receive your order depending on how large your order is, how backed up the screen printing company is, and the artwork being printed on the shirts. Most screen printers charge based on the quantity and the number of colors, or screens, in your design. Therefore, the price varies when it comes to each order, which is why many vendors opt to use the real-time pricing method instead of having a set price list. Yes, screen printing has its perks and its drawbacks, but if you are looking for an alternative, there is one.Digital Print T Shirt Example 2

Many people looking to buy screen printed shirts don’t need that many shirts. Some people just need one or two shirts. Fortunately, there is another alternative for those needing fewer screen printed tees! The solution is digital t-shirt printing. Digital printing is a method of printing that is fairly new. It allows printers to print without minimums for customers wanting only a few shirts. There are a lot of perks to using the digital printing alternative, but the disadvantages sometimes deter people from using it. Since the artwork is printed with ink, they can only be printed on lighter colored shirts. And, since the artwork is printed with ink, the artwork fades a bit faster as compared to screen printed apparel that is printed with paint. On the bright side, though, there are some great perks that come with using digital printing:

  1. No minimums
  2. All artwork, front and back, printed for one flat price, regardless of the number of colors
  3. Order is typically shipped faster since order is smaller
  4. Digital prints typically look just as good as screen prints

Many people have found companies that do digital print work, and they are very satisfied with the results! Digital printing has allowed people to print different shirts for different people for gifts, gags, and for themselves. They are a great personalized gift or prize, and they are fun to wear during the holidays, birthdays and any events. Since they are easy to create and easy to get, most people become repeat customers. If you want to make a personalized shirt for your child or a novelty t shirt for yourself, digital printed shirts are perfect because they are inexpensive and definitely worth the money.

The next time you want to create less than six shirts, give digital t shirt printing at You Design It a try. You won’t be disappointed!