Customer Spotlight: Tuloso Midway Soccer

Tuloso Midway High School soccer team recently came to us to get some custom t-shirts made for their upcoming soccer season. As is our standard practice we asked if they needed any help designing their custom screen printed t-shirts; however, we quickly found out that they did not! These guys seemed to have a natural instinct for design and what they came up with was really quite phenomenal! Take a look at it:

Custom Soccer T Shirts

Let’s look a look at a few of the coolest aspects of this design. Of course the main thing is how nicely the colors contrast and compliment each other. The maroon and gold is very striking together. The placement and style of the lettering is also great. What we really like though is the back design. Not only does the top and bottom graphic add a great dose of symmetry to the design, but the fact that they changed their main line, “one tribe, one Nation” to white instead of leaving it gold like the rest of the design is a great example of how well the use of an additional color can bump up the impact of the message.

We wish Tuloso Midway High School the very best in their upcoming soccer season, but we’re really not worried about their performance at all. If they play as well as they design then we know they’ll be dominating their opponents and running down the field to victory!

I know of course that it is the time of the year, but we sure have been doing a lot of custom soccer t-shirts lately. They are all great designs and we appreciate all of our customers; however this soccer t-shirt design is definitely one of the best that we have seen and it deserves the extra accolades!

If you are a part of a soccer team and are looking for a great way to boost your team morale, or maybe just get something awesome for your fans to wear then custom designed soccer team t-shirts are the answer. The possibilities are endless and in addition to the design style above many teams enjoy adding their team roster to the back, or even their playing schedule. At the end of a strong, winning season what better way to celebrate than to print your season record or just a list of the teams you defeated?

The options are endless and we’ll be glad to get it right with you. We can let you in on some of the current trends that we are seeing in the wild. There are always new ideas coming out and we can work with you to find the design that is right for your team on the pitch or off.

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