Standard Embroidery Area Sizes

As we’ve mentioned you before, one of the main factors in pricing custom embroidery has to do with the size of the artwork. The larger the size of the embroidery, the more expensive it is. There are two big reasons for this.

The first reason is the digitizing process. This is the process of taking an image or file and converting it to a format that can be read by the embroidery machines. The conversion, or digitizing, makes the design go from what you see on the computer to what can be the final result on the fabric. The larger the design is, the more stitches it will take and subsequently the higher the price will be for the digitizing.

The second reason is more stitches will increase the amount of time it takes to finish the actual job. The longer the machine has to run…the less time we have to run other projects and the more time that someone has to manage the machine while it is running. This can add to both the labor cost and the opportunity cost of not doing other jobs. These are two big considerations that we have to take into account when it comes to more stitches.

We have a few standard locations we use embroidery on and would like to show you the sizes that we use for those locations. The first and most popular location is the left chest:

Embroidery Left Chest

The left chest area is rarely larger than 4 inches wide or 4 inches tall. It also doesn’t always make it to 4 inches for either dimension depending on the proportions of the design. If it is a very horizontal design, then the height may end up being only 1-2 inches tall. It really just depends on the design and what is going to be the optimal size to make it look its best.

The other location we commonly used on apparel is the high center back:

Embroidery High Center Back

The high center back is a utility style area that isn’t as common but is used for a second message or just for a different look. A logo or tagline can be added here at an extra cost to get an added effect.

When it comes to headwear, we have the front of the hat:

Embroidery Hat Front

And the back of the hat:

Embroidery Hat Back

We obviously do the front more than we do the back but it is very common for the back to be done. It does cost more for the front and back to be done as opposed to just one side and we hardly ever just do the back by itself. Adding a back location can add considerably to the price because we have to pull the hat off of the machine and re-hoop it to add to the back. Also, adding any stitching to the back ultimately adds to the overall stitch count as mentioned earlier in this post. All of the variables need to be taken into consideration to you help you determine the lowest possible price for your project.

There are a few other locations available, but these are the most standard for custom embroidery. Please let us know how we can help you with your next embroidery project. If you have a location that you would like to do and we haven’t mentioned it, please let us know and we will check into it. If it is possible, then we will not have a problem doing it. just keep in mind that sometimes there are limitations with doing monogramming in the United States that stop us from doing the work in some locations. For instance, embroidering on the bill of hat can only be done before the hat is cut and sew overseas when the fabric is still flat. Either way, we will let you know and be glad to help you out.

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