Shipping Is Free, Order Online

April 30th, 2008

As more and more Americans find themselves spending ever longer periods of time online, most have gotten comfortable with ordering items online. After all there are many benefits to ordering something online. You can do it from the privacy and comfort of your own home at any time of the day or night that is convenient for you. This is great for people who lead busy lives and may not be able to drop everything and drive across town to a brick and mortar store. Nowadays most physical stores even offer online websites where their customers can also shop! This is great and we only expect this trend to continue.

However, one thing that occasionally gives people pause when they are considering ordering something online, is the shipping aspect of things. It is unfortunately the case that many companies charge a great deal for shipping and handling and as a result many consumers have become rightfully wary of these potential additional high charges. Not only that, there is the assumption that since something is being purchased online and shipped, it will take much longer to arrive and may not be received by the time that it is needed.

The good news though, is that here at You Design It, neither one of those potential problems actually comes into play. We offer free shipping on all of our orders. Our pricing is also all inclusive and we don’t tack on any hidden charges. That means that the price estimate you see online is your final price and you will not have to worry about it suddenly jumping much higher when you get to the check out page.

Worried about the shipping and production time? No problem! We realize that many of our customers are ordering their custom t-shirts or hats for a specific occasion which may be rapidly approaching. For that reason we also offer rush delivery options. As always we try to keep the fees on these rush orders as low and reasonable as possible. In fact we do not attempt to profit from our rush orders at all. Instead we only collect the additional money that it will cost us to expedite your order.

Remember though, that we ship everywhere in the country for free. That even includes Alaska and Hawaii. We will ship your order directly to your door and our goal is always to make things as convenient and affordable as possible for you.

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Combine Embroidered Hats with Custom T-Shirts

April 30th, 2008

Anyone who is well versed in marketing and advertising will tell you that branding is a very important aspect of growing a company’s business. It is essential that you develop a name and logo that your customers, and even your competitors, will quickly and easily recognize. This is because you want to build a name for yourself. You want to people to recognize your company and associate it with quality and performance.

One of the ways that people frequently sabotage themselves on this front is by having quite a few different styles and logos for their companies. This can potentially mean that people do not realize that it is all one company doing all these amazing things. Worse, they may remember a specific logo or font style and be looking for a company with that logo or style to give their business too. Imagine how frustrating it would be to have your company passed over for business because the customer is unaware that yours is actually the company that they are looking for and remembering fondly!

The best way to avoid this devastating situation is to make sure that your branding is consistent. You’ll want to use the same company name, script, and logo on all of your various company items. That is where You Design It can help. Since we offer a wide array of custom apparel options that means that you can order everything for your uniform from us, ensuring that it will be printed and/or embroidered in a consistent, similar style.

For example many businesses need everything from custom printed t-shirts for some employees that might work out doors for example, to custom embroidered polo shirts for others who may be working inside the office. It also isn’t uncommon to want to provide your employees with other winter items such as long sleeve t-shirts, long sleeve polos or button down shirts. We also see many companies who want to order custom sweatshirts or hoodies for their crew. To literally top everything off many customers also decide to order custom embroidered hats bearing their company logo. We also certainly don’t want to forget about aprons if any of your staff cooks at work, or if you just want to give them a nice little take home gift.

As you can see the possibilities are almost endless, but in all cases You Design It offers affordable, high quality options in each of these items. Having everything printed with us will ensure a consistency and uniformity. As an example take a look at this cleaning company who not only ordered their employee shirts from us, but also their custom hats:

Work Uniform T-Shirts

Work Uniform Hats

Their design came out great and they were pleased to receive items that matched so nicely. As you can see from the above image we even offer such big brand names as Nike. If you do not see the brand or style that you are looking for on our website you are also welcome to inquire directly about it. In many cases we are able to get a specific shirt or hat for you even if it isn’t listed on our website.

One last benefit – we accept outside artwork for your order. That is also huge when it comes to consistency in branding because it enables our customers to send us the same logo that they may already have on items like letterhead and other stationary. After all, most well established companies do have their own logos and we are proud to offer the opportunity to get those logos printed on their apparel orders. Getting the two together is an unbeatable combination that improves pricing and makes you look better while you are at it!

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Embroidered Hats for a Landscaping Business

April 30th, 2008

Imagine the following scenario – you own or run a landscaping company and your employees are working diligently. They are mowing laws for the customers, trimming hedges, and generally making everything look neat and well manicured. However, there is a problem. You live in a very warm part of the country, or maybe it is just a hot time of year. That means that while they are trying to work the sun is bearing down on their heads, making them uncomfortable as well as drenching their faces with sweat. This not only makes it difficult to see, it can be potentially dangerous since they are likely working with powerful equipment. So what do you do?

The best solution is to get them custom baseball caps to wear as part of their uniforms. These hats will help keep the sweat out of your employees’ eyes. The hats will also provide some nice shade, ensuring that glare won’t be a problem either. All in all they are a very simple and effective solution to a very frustrating problem.

However, the benefits of doing custom embroidered hats for your landscaping business don’t stop there. These hats also provide a great opportunity for marketing your company. After all, everyone who sees your employees wearing these hats will then be exposed to your company information. This will stick in their heads and the next time they need a landscaping project done guess who they are going to call.

Best of all, since we gladly accept our customers’ outside artwork that means that if you already have a company logo that you want to use you are welcome to upload that to us for use on the hats. This ensures that all of your materials for work are consistent and professional looking. After all, what you want to accomplish is effective branding for your company and it is important to provide a solid, well maintained look.

We recently did an order for custom hats for a landscaping company called Custom Care Lawn Service. They selected black hats with, what else, green embroidery! The hats came out really great and we were delighted to be able to send them something that they could be proud of. Take a look at their design:

Embroidered Hats

So the next time you need some custom embroidered hats for your landscaping company make sure you come to You Design It. We have a great selection of hat styles and colors. We also make sure that our prices are affordable while keeping our standards and quality to a maximum. With personalized landscaping hats everyone is a winner!

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Price Indicators for Each Product

April 29th, 2008

One of the most frequently asked questions that we receive at You Design It is about our pricing. When we get this question in phone calls, we usually have to ask a series of questions to arrive at the price. That is because the exact price is based on several factors such as the product selected, the number of pieces being ordered, and the number of ink colors in the design. Naturally we don’t mind going through this with our customers and assisting them in any way that we can. However, what we find in many cases is that the customer isn’t looking for an exact price so much as they are looking for a good starting point in estimating their cost. That is where our price indicators for each product become very important.

When you are in the beginning stages of making a purchase for custom t-shirts, you may already know some of the general information about your order, but still be working toward nailing down the specifics. For instance, you may know that you are on a tight budget and if so, you would of course want to look for the most economical t-shirt to start with. On the flip side, you may be looking for a premium T-shirt and you may not mind paying a little more for it.

With these types of situations in mind, we have created a pricing key, or pricing indicators. When you are looking at the product pages to choose your item, these pricing indicators will appear as small icons next to the product. You will see varying numbers of dollar signs and these various dollar signs will give you a relative price estimate for each item. Here is how the indicators work:

  • $ = Most Affordable
  • $$ = Standard
  • $$$ = Premium

Here is a snapshot from the site of where you can find the pricing indicators next to the products:

Pricing Indicators

Thus you can see that the Jerzees 50/50 tee is considered one of the most affordable tees while the American Apparel tee is considered one of the most premium. That will help you pick your product accordingly and give you a relative idea of what you can afford based on your budget. Remember, however, that this is only one factor. The quantity being ordered and the number of ink colors in the design will also heavily impact your price. The main thing to keep in mind is that two identical designs and order quantities will always be less expensive on an affordable tee, versus a standard tee, versus a premium tee. Keep this information in mind and you are well on your way to making the wisest selection for your purchase!

Helping keep you informed on how the pricing works is one of the best ways that we can keep you happy with knowing you are getting the best price. Our transparency becomes much more apparent when you see that we aren’t hiding the pricing, that we just can’t give you a proper price until we have all the factors involved. You can rest assured you will get the best price once we have that information.

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Events Coming Soon for Custom T-Shirts

April 29th, 2008

We just wanted to remind you that there are a few events coming up that you might need custom t-shirts for. Don’t worry if you have waited until the last minute because we are definitely a good place to come for these tight deadline, rush orders. We are always happy to help our customers get their order in an expedited timeline. However, it will definitely save you more money to take advantage of our free shipping policy and order ahead of time so that you have plenty of time.

Most schools are having graduation this month and custom printed tees are a great idea for that remarkable achievement. It lets the graduate know that you are proud of them and recognize all the hard work that they put in. Custom t-shirts for graduation are also a great way to mark the event and get the former students a nice commemorative item that they can have and enjoy for years to come. This is even more fun if they do it with a group of their friends.

Also, now that the weather is getting warmer, we know that family reunions and family vacations are on the horizon. We have already started seeing a lot of t-shirt prints and t-shirt designs geared towards those two events. Rest assured that we have you well covered in terms of great, related clipart for these occasions.

As a further reminder, we have even created pages just for those events:

Custom Printed Graduation Tee Shirts
Custom Design Family Reunion T-Shirts
Design Family Vacation Tshirts Online

That is only a small sample of some of the exciting things that likely to be coming down pipeline which people may want to order custom t-shirts for. After all, this is also a time when a lot of sports leagues get underway as well as a big time for churches and youth groups to order their t-shirts for the summer. Not only that, but many couples choose to marry while the weather is nice and bachelor and bachelorette t-shirts are always surefire winners at these events. On top of all of that we can’t ignore things like birthdays and anniversaries!

It is an exciting and busy time, but rest assured that You Design It has you covered. Covered in not just our great custom design t-shirts, but also our high quality affordable hats! These hats are a great way to keep the sun out of your eyes and relax in style! It is that time of year and you need to take advantage of it by creating something that will help you remember the event every time you wear your gear. Commemorating the event with apparel is the way to go.

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Screen Printed T-Shirts for the Champs

April 28th, 2008

Judging from the looks of the screen printed t-shirts, it appears that the champs are rubbing it in. Do you have an annual tournament or competition that you and your friends participate in? If you do, then it’s a really cool idea to treat the winners with custom printed t-shirts. Whether it be intramurals or at a family reunion every winner deserves a tee.

Here’s to the Comet Cup Champions and to their cool t-shirts printed by yours truly:

Custom T-Shirts

It looks like they competed in several different sports and that must have been a ton of fun! It makes their victory all the more impressive as well and we are delighted that we got the chance to print their celebratory t-shirts. These t-shirts truly are a great reward for a big victory.

We know the Comet Cup Champions aren’t alone out there though. Do you have an annual tournament or competition that you and your friends participate in? If you do, then it’s a really cool idea to treat the winners with some custom printed t-shirts. This holds true whether it is for an intramural event or just a more casual thing like a structured family reunion tournament. Every winner deserves a tee!

You may be concerned that you do not know what type of design you would want to get on your champ t-shirts. That is no problem at all though. We offer over 5000 images and over 80 fonts in our t-shirt design studio. That means that you are bound to find something that you like and since we have made the user interface as fun and easy as possible you also don’t have to worry about struggling to get everything put together.

On the flip side, if you already have a very specific design in mind we can accommodate that as well. For example maybe this event and ordering victory t-shirts is an annual tradition and you already have a specific design that you use every year, perhaps just updating the information for each new year. That is definitely fine with us and we can match that design for you with no trouble. By the same token if you simply have artwork that you want to upload to us for use on the t-shirts just because you like we can also do that for you. When it comes to printing custom designed champ t-shirts You Design It treats all its customers like champs!

Your idea for custom t-shirts is always a good one even if you don’t have an idea of what you them to look like. We offer over 5000 images and over 80 fonts in our design studio. Check us out today.

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