Embroidered Hats for a Landscaping Business

Imagine the following scenario – you own or run a landscaping company and your employees are working diligently. They are mowing laws for the customers, trimming hedges, and generally making everything look neat and well manicured. However, there is a problem. You live in a very warm part of the country, or maybe it is just a hot time of year. That means that while they are trying to work the sun is bearing down on their heads, making them uncomfortable as well as drenching their faces with sweat. This not only makes it difficult to see, it can be potentially dangerous since they are likely working with powerful equipment. So what do you do?

The best solution is to get them custom baseball caps to wear as part of their uniforms. These hats will help keep the sweat out of your employees’ eyes. The hats will also provide some nice shade, ensuring that glare won’t be a problem either. All in all they are a very simple and effective solution to a very frustrating problem.

However, the benefits of doing custom embroidered hats for your landscaping business don’t stop there. These hats also provide a great opportunity for marketing your company. After all, everyone who sees your employees wearing these hats will then be exposed to your company information. This will stick in their heads and the next time they need a landscaping project done guess who they are going to call.

Best of all, since we gladly accept our customers’ outside artwork that means that if you already have a company logo that you want to use you are welcome to upload that to us for use on the hats. This ensures that all of your materials for work are consistent and professional looking. After all, what you want to accomplish is effective branding for your company and it is important to provide a solid, well maintained look.

We recently did an order for custom hats for a landscaping company called Custom Care Lawn Service. They selected black hats with, what else, green embroidery! The hats came out really great and we were delighted to be able to send them something that they could be proud of. Take a look at their design:

Embroidered Hats

So the next time you need some custom embroidered hats for your landscaping company make sure you come to You Design It. We have a great selection of hat styles and colors. We also make sure that our prices are affordable while keeping our standards and quality to a maximum. With personalized landscaping hats everyone is a winner!

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