Rush Delivery of Custom T-Shirts

Right now our shipping schedule is running very fast thanks to our partners, our automation, and the clean artwork we’ve been receiving for print. Whenever we get the question of when will our printed t-shirts arrive, it is always safe for us to estimate our standard free shipping timeline which is in 7 to 10 business days. Anything faster than that is considered a rush order. Because of the nature of our business we have to handle rush jobs on a case by case basis.

We always advise that you place the order and give us a phone call and let us know the in hands date that you are looking to receive your screen printed t-shirts. Rarely have we ever turned down a job, because we specialize in rush orders. We will always go out of our way to get you your rush t-shirts and we also go out of way to get them to you at the lowest rush price possible.

Unfortunately though, as we said above it is hard to give a standard, flat rate for rush orders because it is very much determined on a case by case basis. The reason for this is because at any given time we may have quite a few other rush jobs and regular orders to get out, or alternatively we may be in a slower period in which we don’t have very many other urgent orders ahead of yours. Another thing which is impossible to determine beforehand is what the inventory from the manufactures will be like in your t-shirt and t-shirt color. For instance in most cases the inventory will be fine and we will be able to order and receive your blank t-shirts in one or two days so that we can begin production on them. However, in some cases the t-shirt color or style that you selected may have poor inventory and not be available in any nearby warehouses. When this is the case things can get very expensive because we may have to first express ship the blank t-shirts to us, and then express ship the printed t-shirts to you. As you can imagine all that expedited shipping adds up quickly.

For this reason we always prefer to go through your order on a case by case basis, review all of your information, and then determine the lowest possible rush price that we can do for your order based on all the contributing factors. Naturally in an ideal situation the t-shirt order itself would be placed well ahead of time and you would not need a rush. In these cases it is definitely recommended that you simply take advantage of our free shipping policy. However, we understand that in the real world any number of things can come up that can result in you needing to place your order ‘last minute’ or at least closer to your deadline than preferred. In these cases rest assured that we will do everything possible to get you the fastest rush at the lowest price!

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  1. Jenae Peckham Says:

    Need t’s within 10 days – bright yellow with “REO EXPERT” on the back and across front
    Thank You