Rock Out at Rock Camp with Band T-Shirts

We are mentioning camps a lot lately. That’s because camps are so big in the summertime, and there are so many different camps for so many different activities. One that we weren’t aware of, but makes complete sense, is rock camp for budding musicians in the rock ‘n roll industry. These future rock stars are probably learning how to shred the strings on monster guitar riffs. We all know there is no better way to rock out than with custom band t-shirts.

Keep looking out for new band t-shirt designs because we have a lot planned to release soon. For now, check out these rock ‘n roll t-shirts for these future rock stars:

Band T-Shirts

This is a really great design and definitely one that made us sit up and take notice. The font is awesome, especially for a rock ‘n roll theme. The clipart was also a great choice and it was all the better since it fits really well but wasn’t necessarily one that many people would have immediately thought of to add to the t-shirts. These types of surprises are great because they really make people do a double take and consider the design more carefully. The black t-shirts with white ink is also a classic rock t-shirt color combo and it definitely makes its impact known.

Camp t-shirts are always a popular choice because at a camp the dress code is usually pretty relaxed and it only makes sense that people will be wearing t-shirts. They are also a great item to give out to the campers because they are not only something that they can wear and enjoy while at camp, they also make great souvenirs that can be worn and kept for years. This is a great way to keep the fun alive and remember all the good times.

As we said rock camps are just one of many different types of camps. We are happy to know about them so that we can create some great rock camp design templates, but we also want to know about other camps. If you have a specific type of camp coming up that you will be going to, but do not see any design templates are appropriate clipart for it, please let us know so that we can rectify that! You are also welcome to upload your own artwork to us.

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