Printed T-Shirts for a Middle School Choir

We are getting a lot of repeat customers who come back again and again to purchase more screen printed t-shirts from us. Whenever that happens we are always particularly proud and delighted because it means that we are doing things right if people want to keep coming back to us. after all we know that there is a lot of competition out there and we can’t take our customers for granted. It is important that we wow all of our customers each and every time they make a purchase from us.

This next image of choir t-shirts is the second year that we have printed this job for George Fox Middle School. The job is very similar to last year’s order; however the color of the tee shirts is different and of course the year is different. It will be cool in a few years for people to see these custom t-shirts and be able to know which year they were done based only on the color. Here they are:

Printed Choir T-Shirts

Another thing we always appreciate it is when there is a spillover effect. For example we might do t-shirts for a school’s choir, but then later do an order for their swim team or their volleyball team. In these cases it is clear that the school as a whole is pleased with our work and that they have now spread the word to other clubs and organizations on campus.

Along those same lines we have also heard of customers who found out about us from their rivals! For example they might see these custom choir t-shirts at a competition and may find out where they were purchased so that they can get their own. This is great because it also shows good sportsmanship with rival schools can communicate with each other like that.

In any case we are constantly working on adding more choir related clipart to our design studio so that our customers will have plenty to choose from for their t-shirts. We also have some choir design templates that you can check out for inspiration. At You Design It we are serious about being your choir t-shirt providers.

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