Free Floral Designs for T-Shirts

It’s pretty hard right now to see a t-shirt design that doesn’t incorporate some kind of floral artwork with it. This design trend has really been exploding and it’s everywhere! We have quite a few of these designs that we have created in our arsenal of t-shirt artwork, and we felt like right now would be a good time to give some of that away. The great thing about floral artwork is that you can take one small piece and turn it into a much larger, and more intricate design.

This post is going to be one of the first design tutorials that You Design It has ever done. There are so many resources on the Internet to help you design t-shirts that the goal with our tutorials is just to provide you with some more tools for your toolbox. There will be times when the tutorials are very simple and for beginners and other times when we consider them very advanced and specific to screen printing t shirts. We are very excited about doing this and we hope that they will benefit our customers and site visitors. At the end of the day we just want to share great design techniques with you!

Now, back to the florals. Whenever we are creating a floral pattern or design, we always start out with the most integral piece by itself. That piece of artwork looks just like this:

Floral Design 1

We can take that little curly piece of artwork and duplicate it, reflect it, resize it, and attach it to the bigger piece. Take a look at the image now with those changes made to it:

Floral Design 2

You’re probably starting to see where we’re going with this. We can now take that same design, and make a few more tweaks with resizing, reflecting, separating, etc. After that we end up with something along these lines:

Floral Design 3

And there you have it. This one would definitely be recognizable as a floral design. However you can take it a little bit further. If you really want to get crazy, depending on the artwork that you are trying to accomplish, then you can even add a few more pieces to it. That could end up looking something like this:

Floral Design 4

We thought as an added bonus that we should give you the vector files for this little tutorial. You can download the vectored PDF by clicking here:

Floral Vector PDF

As you can see what looks like an extremely difficult design to accomplish is actually very manageable when it is broken down into these smaller steps. This same technique can be applied over and over again on varying pieces of artwork to produce even more results, all just as cool and unique looking as this one. As we said, this is just the first of what we intend to be many design tutorials so make sure you stay tuned for more!

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