Our Main Offices are Moving!!

July 31st, 2008

We are pretty excited about it because we are growing up! We will be posting pictures soon and giving more information because right now….we are in the middle of the move. We are still printing custom t-shirts and will not experience any downtime. Stay tuned! :)

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A T-Shirt Book We Recommend

July 30th, 2008

The other day, we were window-shopping at a local t-shirt boutique in the morning as we got our coffee from Starbucks. It was well before the T-shirt shop had opened, and I could see a t-shirt book for sale through the window. It’s not every day that you happen to see T-shirt books, while window-shopping so I knew I was going to have to come back once they were open to make that purchase.

The name of the book was Vintage Rock T-shirts and it couldn’t be more interesting for the niche it is covering. It features some really awesome shirts! In fact it was so good that I just had to do this blog post about it to spread the word. You can find the book here at Amazon and here is a screenshot of their order page:

Vintage Rock T-Shirts Book

The T-shirt book essentially covers the 60s, 70s, and 80s rock bands and the T-shirts they sold at concerts. And it really isn’t a “reading” book as much as it is a “looking” book. This suits us just fine, because the images are top-notch and the layout is beautiful. We definitely recommend it as a must-have on the shelf of your office or home library. That is with the assumption that you are as much of a t-shirt geek as we are.

One thing that we thought was really cool was the image that was used on the front of the book. They borrowed the image to show the author’s name from the bass drum in an image for the Beatles Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Here is the album cover:

Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club

Why is that so interesting? Because we just printed a large amount of shirts for a big customer of ours that was creating a new club for their employees. It might look familiar to you. Here’s the artwork for those shirts:

Vintage Rock T-Shirts

It sure is a small world! It’s amazing that we would see two Sergeant Pepper designs in such a short span of time. On the other hand Sergeant Pepper is certainly a classic so it’s also kind of understandable. With that said, that was a long story, and we’ve got to get back to t-shirt printing

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3D Effect for T-Shirt Designs

July 30th, 2008

As we have mentioned previously in this t-shirt blog, we recently entered the Design By Humans t-shirt design contest with artwork that we named Shooting Stars. It was a 3D style design that we are very proud of. It didn’t ultimately win but we liked the effect and style and we promised that we would show you just how easy it is to accomplish that custom t-shirt design effect. That effect can be used for any number of possible designs and we hope that it makes one more useful tool in your arsenal. So without further ado here is the design tutorial.

First, we are going to begin with the basic, shooting stars artwork without any enhancements. At this point it will also simply be in black rather than in one of the more vibrant, final colors. Take a look:

3D T-Shirt Design

As you have seen us do before, we need to begin by grouping the artwork so we can make everything easier to move and manipulate. Below is a screen shot of how to do that:

3D Tee Shirt Design

One of the most important parts of making this t-shirt design effect really pop and happen, is to choose the right colors. Now the colors don’t have to be that particular, they just need to be bright and with a lot of contrast between each other. We decided to go with a teal:

3-D Tees

Next we are going to make a copy of the artwork, move it a little bit down and to the left, and then color it a bright pink. This is done to begin getting that 3D, movement effect that is so important in the final design. Take a look:

How to Design 3D

We’re going to repeat this step, one more time by copying the artwork, moving it up and to the right, and this time coloring it bright yellow. Once again the specific colors chosen aren’t important as long as they compliment each other, show up well, and work with the overall style. Here’s the finished design:

Tee Shirt Designs

We always suggest you play with the artwork a little bit and change the depth until you get it right where you want it. This technique can be applied to all sorts of different designs. It shouldn’t take a lot for you to be able to get this technique and make it even better than we can.

Shooting Stars 3D T-Shirt

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Selecting the Right T-Shirt for Your Needs

July 29th, 2008

When we get orders, we find that quite often our customers are very clear on what they want on the t-shirt as far as the design goes, but often they aren’t nearly so clear on what kind of t-shirt they actually want. You may have a fantastic design and a really clever message, but if you put it on the wrong tee shirt, it won’t bring you the finished product that you are looking for. With that in mind we wanted to do a post to help our customers select the right shirt for their design. A few of the main things to take into consideration are the:

  1. Type of product: For instance, do you want a standard short sleeve shirt? What if you live in an extremely cold place and only wear short sleeves for one or two months out of the year? You might then consider getting a long-sleeve t-shirt instead. Another great option would be to choose one of our hoodies or pull-overs, and get them screen printed with your logo and text. On the flip side, you may be planning to use the t-shirt to work out or train, in that case you might want to consider one of our tank tops or sleeveless tees. The type of product you want is usually the best starting point in figuring out what you want to order.
  2. Style: We have several different styles just in t-shirts alone. For example, do you want a more fitted shirt or would you prefer something looser? Are you looking for 100% cotton or a 50/50 blend? Do you want your tee to have a pocket? Is it important that the shirt come in youth sizes as well? Once you have made your selection in terms of product type it is then prudent to consider the specific style that you would like in that product. We have our different types of products arranged by style on our site to help you with this process.
  3. Color: This is one of the most important considerations though it is often one of the last things finalized. For example on the most basic level if your design is dark you probably don’t want to put it on a dark t-shirt. However, it’s also important to consider how well the color of the shirt will go with the color of the design, even if you do make sure to find a good contrast. Some colors simply don’t look nice together even if they do show up just fine. Finally, are you getting a color that’s appropriate for the purpose? If you’ll be working outdoors all day in the sun, you’ll probably want to opt out of that black shirt in favor of a lighter color. You might also get more everyday use out of your beach colored tee if it’s still a color you’d be comfortable wearing on a daily basis.

These are just a few of the considerations to take into mind choosing the correct t-shirt for your design and needs. We hope this entry got you thinking more carefully about what type of shirt you want.

These are just a few of the considerations to take into mind when choosing the correct t-shirt for your design and needs. We hope this entry got you thinking more carefully about what type of shirt you want. If you have any questions about anything we are happy to help so please give us a call or send us an email.

Go here to screen print t-shirts and here to custom design t-shirts.

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Recent T-Shirt Blog Posts Links You Should Read

July 28th, 2008

We came across a few good t-shirt blog posts recently that we wanted to share with everyone. As always we like to share our good finds with our readers because we realize that there is a good chance that like us, the people who read our blog are very enthusiastic about t-shirts and t-shirt related news. These are just a few of the many we read over the past week, but we felt like these were really the best of the best and deserved an extra little shout out, so be sure and check them out:

  1. Cottonable highlighted the cool v-neck tees being offered by Urban Outfitters this summer.
  2. Color Overload created a great guide for converting your old t-shirts into a quilt.
  3. Hide Your Arms compared the new t-shirt per day site TeeFury with Shirt.Woot
  4. MilitantGeek showed us the funny Caps Lock t-shirt.

So there you have it, just a short little list of some of the best posts of the week. We find that very often we read blog posts that just blow us out of the water with cool facts, great designs, or interesting ideas and very often we do feel compelled to share them. In fact we are considering making this list of top blog entries for the week a regular installment here on the You Design It blog. We would love to know what you, our readers, think about this idea. Do you see any value in it?

Also, please let us know what you thought of the specific posts we blogged about in this entry as well as any other cool t-shirt related posts that you may have come across recently. Remember, if you have a great design idea for your own custom t-shirts then you have come to the right place. You Design It makes it fun, easy, and affordable to create your own design from scratch. Who knows, maybe your design will be featured on a t-shirt blog someday!

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Our DBH T-Shirt Design Submission, Part 2

July 26th, 2008

We recently blogged about our decision to enter a submission into Design By Humans’ t-shirt competition and promised to update our readers. This is the 2nd day since the approval for our t-shirt design submission and we are having a good time studying the process. We didn’t put our best foot forward this go-round because we wanted to make sure we learned the game first. Unfortunately as of early Saturday morning, we have only received 2 votes and we are barely hanging on to the first voting page. As with our experience with Digg and making it to the home page there, we are going to assume that falling further down in the voting system will result in less votes over time. In other words…..it should be over soon for us on our first submission. :(

That is a little disappointing of course, but we aren’t going to let it get us down! Instead we’re going to view it as a learning process and a chance to do better next time. Here are a few of the improvements that we can make next time:

  1. Make better color selections for the shirt as it relates to the artwork.
  2. Polish the design and add more detail.
  3. Stick to the theme. We liked the idea of shooting stars and went with the 3D look because of the stars. Looking back now, we feel like the stars were appropriate for 3D but the guns and floral weren’t. We will probably fix the design up more and make it more western/darker for the next competition.

So, for now it is back to the drawing boards for us. We have the next theme picked out already though and we know we just need to focus and get to work. We have also learned a few secrets to the process that we will post later after we test them out some more. In the meantime, visit our site where you can custom design t-shirts for your next event.

We are very excited about our on-going plans to continue flexing our design muscles. After all, though the purpose of You Design It is to enable our customers to do the designing themselves, we nevertheless want to be the absolute best designers that we can be. We also don’t want to be masters in only a few areas of design, but rather to have a full, comprehensive feel for many different styles.

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