How To: Create A T-Shirt Stitch Design

We want to take a little more time and create some higher quality posts that illustrate more of what we do and how we do it. Our goal isn’t so much to teach you how to use Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop or any other tool that we incorporate in t-shirt designing. But more to teach you little tips and tricks that can set your t-shirt designs apart. One of our more popular design tricks that we use quite often is creating the stitch look with a screen printing. You’d be surprised to see just how easy this trick is. Before we start, here’s the final picture of what we will be creating:

T-Shirt Stitch Design

So if you are following along with us, you will first begin by opening Illustrator up and choosing the text tool.

Tee Shirt Stitch Design

With the text tool we’re going to create the text that we will manipulate, and we have chosen a thick script font. You can just about choose any solid font for these purposes. We always like to use a thick script font because it conveys the traditional stitch look from an appliqué.

How To Create A T-Shirt Design

As with any good t-shirt design that involves fonts, out of habit, we are going to create outlines. This way, if we send this file to our customers or other printers, they won’t have to be concerned with natively running or owning this font.

Tee Shirt Design

Once we have created outlines, we’re going to add a 10 PT stroke of the same color to our text. You can choose any size you would like but you will see in the end that you can have the stroke too big or too small.

Tee Design Online

We are then going to make an exact copy of what we have created so far and we have put this in a bright green to make it clear for illustration purposes.

Design Tees Online

The next steps are to stack the two images right on top of each other, then make the fill color transparent and drop the size of the stroke down to 2 pt.

Desing T-Shirts Online

Now we are headed into the final stages. The first thing we like to do is change the stroke to white just out of preference. Then we are going to select the box for a dashed line in the stroke options. For this instance, we are going to choose a 3 PT dashed line.

Design Tee Shirts Online

And there you have it! Here’s the final image again to show you what we have created.

Final T-Shirt Stitch Design

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  1. Al Says:

    Great tutorial. I was looking for something like this recently and tried to create one using my own lack of know-how. I haven’t tried it out yet but I will later. Thanks.