3D Effect for T-Shirt Designs

As we have mentioned previously in this t-shirt blog, we recently entered the Design By Humans t-shirt design contest with artwork that we named Shooting Stars. It was a 3D style design that we are very proud of. It didn’t ultimately win but we liked the effect and style and we promised that we would show you just how easy it is to accomplish that custom t-shirt design effect. That effect can be used for any number of possible designs and we hope that it makes one more useful tool in your arsenal. So without further ado here is the design tutorial.

First, we are going to begin with the basic, shooting stars artwork without any enhancements. At this point it will also simply be in black rather than in one of the more vibrant, final colors. Take a look:

3D T-Shirt Design

As you have seen us do before, we need to begin by grouping the artwork so we can make everything easier to move and manipulate. Below is a screen shot of how to do that:

3D Tee Shirt Design

One of the most important parts of making this t-shirt design effect really pop and happen, is to choose the right colors. Now the colors don’t have to be that particular, they just need to be bright and with a lot of contrast between each other. We decided to go with a teal:

3-D Tees

Next we are going to make a copy of the artwork, move it a little bit down and to the left, and then color it a bright pink. This is done to begin getting that 3D, movement effect that is so important in the final design. Take a look:

How to Design 3D

We’re going to repeat this step, one more time by copying the artwork, moving it up and to the right, and this time coloring it bright yellow. Once again the specific colors chosen aren’t important as long as they compliment each other, show up well, and work with the overall style. Here’s the finished design:

Tee Shirt Designs

We always suggest you play with the artwork a little bit and change the depth until you get it right where you want it. This technique can be applied to all sorts of different designs. It shouldn’t take a lot for you to be able to get this technique and make it even better than we can.

Shooting Stars 3D T-Shirt

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