6 Ways To Mass Market Your Own T-Shirt Designs

Coming up with a great t-shirt design might be the underlying motivation for you to go into business. Perhaps your idea is well like by those around you, and you have a vision of its potential. Many people go into business but do not know how to market their ideas. Marketing is critical when it comes to any business, because it is the crucial link to informing future customers of who you are and what products you can supply. Without marketing, your idea most likely will not take flight. There are certain steps you can pursue that will help you properly market your t-shirt designs and get them the recognition they deserve.

Create A Relationship With A Reliable Screen Printer

A good screen printer will be one of the life-lines of your business. They will nearly become a partner with you, helping you to create your design and making it readily accessible. The printer may also help you sell, and ship your products. Having a good relationship with the screen printer is important, especially since you will be working together to produce the designs as you envision them. Make sure that he or she communicates well with you and is readily available if you have any questions or concerns.

Set Up Your Site And Other Networking Services

When setting up your website, make sure that it is easy to navigate and user friendly. Make it attractive and inviting, with the latest popular trends for website designs. Create a blog about your t-shirts. Blogs are very effective tools, and give customers an inside view about you, making their experience more friendly and personal. Set up accounts for Facebook and Twitter, to enable direct contact with each potential customer. Make time to contribute often to your blog, and respond to your customers on Facebook and Twitter regularly to keep up good business relations and promote referrals. Also, you can set up a merchant account, such as Paypal, so that you can process no-hassle payments.

Take Promotional Pictures of Your T-Shirt Designs

Studies show that images attached to products will promote the sale of the item quicker than without. People usually want to see what they are buying beforehand, especially with clothing. They need a good visual to imagine how it might look on them. Use multiple angles to suggest to the viewer a more 3D feel. You might consider asking a friend or family member to model your t-shirts with your designs; or hiring a professional model if you can afford one. This may give a potential buyer more of an idea of how it may suit them.

Market Your Designs Through Your Social Media Sites

Take advantage of your blog, Facebook, and Twitter to get the word out. Social media sites are extremely effective ways of marketing your product. Facebook, for instance, has over 800 million members and is still growing. With those kinds of prospects, it is a good idea to invest some time in these options. Put a press-release on your sites and establish active participation with your fans. It is important that once you have activity occurring with your customers that you keep it alive. Have contests and giveaways to promote your new t-shirt designs. Offer prizes, including free t-shirts with your logo on it and other product-related awards that will double the task by promoting your business. Pens with your business logo or other inexpensive gifts are also great giveaways.

Get Your Customers And Fans Involved

Your customers can become one of your best assets for promoting your t-shirt designs. Get them involved by running a t-shirt designing contest. Accept submissions from users with prizes, discounts and other incentives. Offer a grand prize for the winner and perhaps a spot on your website with their picture and winning design.

Find A Celebrity Or Other Spokesman Who Will Endorse Your Line

Many great products are endorsed by famous celebrities or other individuals with prestige. If you can find someone who would be willing to back your t-shirt line, your sales can increase substantially.
Being successful in marketing your t-shirt designs is the key to being successful in your business. It is important to persevere and to have patience, as it takes time for your business to establish and grow. Be creative in your marketing strategies and never lose sight of your dreams, and you may eventually see the rewards of your endeavors in establishing a successful clothing line.

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