How To Design Your Own Business T-Shirts

Giving your business a distinctive look is easy with the right tools. Shirts, for instance, are an ideal way to create a uniform that identifies employees to one another and to people outside the organization. Simply putting on similarly colored t-shirts and polo shirts isn’t enough. A sleek, professional look is created only when careful design choices have been made along the way.

Select a Style

T-shirts are the perennial choice because they’re comfortable, easy to care for, and can be purchased inexpensively in bulk. Just because t-shirts are ubiquitous doesn’t mean that there are no other options. Most print and embroidery shops can accommodate orders for any of the following:

  • Long and short sleeved t-shirts in loose and fitted styles
  • Sweatshirts
  • Hoodies
  • Polo shirts
  • Lightweight button down shirts
  • Fleece vests

The Importance of Color

The color of a shirt is one of its primary characteristics. A well-chosen color will enhance the overall design; by the same token, a poorly-chosen color can ruin a look. You might find it helpful to learn exactly which colors are available from the t-shirt printing company you’ll be ordering from. Not all shirt styles are available in the same range of colors. Certain colors, particularly black, may cost a little more. If there’s a color strongly associated with your company you can use that to guide your design choices, both in terms of the shirt you select and the image you create.

Printing the Shirt

Throughout the design process, you should be considering which print service you’d like to place your order with. While all services are going to do their best for their customers, one company’s facilities and resources may not enable them to offer the same options as another company.

There are a number of Internet-based print companies that allow you to choose your shirt options and upload your image in one easy process. Many of these services can offer discounts on shipping and bulk orders. However, you can’t visit them in person and discuss any concerns you have. Local print businesses may be more likely to accommodate any last minute changes you need to make and can contact you directly with any questions. You also won’t have to wait for your shirts to arrive once they’ve been shipped.

Each print company, regardless of whether they’re online or local to you, should provide you with a proof shirt so you can see what the finished results will look like. At this point you can go ahead with production or return to the design phase. Determine how many shirts you’ll need and in what sizes. Place your order and wait for delivery!

Final Tips

Make sure that you give yourself several weeks’ worth of time for this whole process. Creating a logo or company design from scratch can take a surprisingly long time and you don’t want to cut it too close to an important deadline. If you don’t have an experienced art team at your company, hire an outside business instead; these experience professionals can create a unique and distinctive logo for you and help you put it on a shirt. The final shirts are ideal for advertising, promotion, and employee incentives.

Creating a unique t-shirt for your company can be a lot of fun. Once you see the finished result, you’ll be glad you made the effort. And of course it should go without saying that we need to be the company to print them. We have been printing t-shirts for over 8 years with over 20,000 satisfied customers and a large base of repeat orders. We get it right the first time, on time and on budget. We don’t want to just satisfy you…we want to wow you.

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