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What Is A Koozie?

Custom Koozies

You are probably already very familiar with Koozies. Many people use this insulated form of drink ware to keep their beverages either cool or warm and to maintain a certain amount of comfort for the hands. The device is a foam cylinder which was thought up in order to provide some desired insulation for either cans or bottles. Users will slide their can or bottle into the Koozie and can usually plan on the insulating properties to last for almost an hour. Most Koozies are designed with a hole or two in the bottom in order to prevent drinks from get stuck inside.

Originally Koozies were made from foam, but the material has changed and developed over the years. Some industrious crafters have knitted their own Koozies from yarn. However, the most common materials are a foam-like neoprene, polyester, or open cell foam.

Why So Much Popularity?

There are a variety of reasons that Koozies are so popular. People like the combination of fun and function as they enjoy drinks with friends and have an opportunity to share passions and opinions in an informal way. This popularity has made them very useful tools in the world of marketing and general information sharing. If you want to make your family reunion memorable, Koozies printed with a family tree allow family members to take some of their memories home. Event planners often enjoy including

Koozies in their gift bags, specially printed with the date and location of the event.

How can you tell if koozies are right for your business? Consider these benefits:

Koozies provide a useful insulation for drinks.

During team meetings, planning events, parties and other get-togethers, noticing that your drink has become warm can make the drink (and the event) much less enjoyable. The Koozie is just the right size and shape to keep your drinks cool without being too bulky for comfortable holding. People will also appreciate how the Koozie allows them to hold onto their cold beverage without discomfort from the icy cold metal of the can.

Koozies provide a better grip on your drink.

Have you ever been working on a project and reached for a drink only to discover that the condensation on the can has made the surface of the drink slippery? Hopefully, this didn’t result in a drink spill all over your project. Unfortunately for too many people, this has often been the case. Koozies provide you with a convenient solution. The same insulation which protects your drink from warming up delivers a barrier between your hand and the slippery surface of a ‘sweating’ can. Projects, tables and clothing everywhere can be a little bit safer when Koozies are employed.

Koozies offer a less expensive alternative to other marketing items.

Screen printing on t-shirts, baseball hats and other promotional items can really add up. Koozies can be a great alternative to those items. It will cost you much less to get the Koozie screen printed. These lower prices may mean that you could choose to include more information on the item than you would otherwise be able to afford. You may benefit by saving money when purchasing the Koozies or you may choose to put those savings into purchasing more items. Either way, you will have additional resources to generate familiarity with your name and logo.

The Koozie will create a tie between the name of your company and good times.

People often relate the drink in their hand to feelings of relaxation or enjoyment. This is a great time to have your company name and logo in mind. Over time, your customers may not be actively thinking about the connection, but the association between your company and their good feelings will have been made. If they were having a good time when they picked up the Koozie, then they will associate their positive feelings with your goods or services.

The Koozie can be an appropriate gift for all kinds of people.

Although the Koozie has often been referred in combination with beer and other alcoholic beverages, its use should not be limited to those drinks. The Koozie works just as well with soda pop or canned fruit drinks. The standard size and shape of the Koozie makes it a perfect one-size-fits-all choice for guests and customers with many different beliefs and lifestyles.

The Koozie has become a fun collectible.

Because of the popularity of the Koozie and the ease of printing the Koozie so many different ways, these items have naturally become collectibles. You use it as a piece of commemorative memorabilia for your event or business and then customers use them as desired. Then finally, either the original customer or a focused collector will use your logo to cap off their Koozie collection.

When Should You Use a Koozie for Your Business?

As a business owner, you understand that time should never be wasted. There is no time to be wasted before you implement the use of Koozies for your business. They have been a popular item since they first came into use and they are only becoming more popular as time passes. Whether you intend to reward your employees with custom-designed Koozies or want to promote your business at a marketing event, the Koozie will always be one of the most popular items.

You can impress your customers, clients and employees with a gift that is both fun and functional. You can keep your image in their thoughts daily and create a positive tie between your name and their pleasant feelings. Easy to store and simple to care for, the Koozie will work hard on behalf of your business.

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