5 Great Long Sleeve Tees to Customize for the Cold Weather

At You Design It we love t-shirts all year round. Although, if there is one style that is king during the winter months then it is definitely the long sleeve tee. It’s pretty tough to beat the comfort, affordability, and convenience of a t-shirt that has the added benefit of helping to keep you warm when it gets chilly out. The best part of all is that you are not limited to a single long sleeve style. In fact there are quite a few great options out there. That is why we wanted to take a moment to show you 5 great long sleeve tees for the cold weather.

Gildan Heavyweight Long Sleeve Tee

The Gildan Heavyweight short sleeve is our biggest seller thanks to the good quality it offers at a low, affordable price. That is why it is no wonder at all that the long sleeve version is such a popular choice for customers who are seeking that same great combination of quality and affordability, but in a warmer, long sleeve option.

The Gildan Heavyweight Long Sleeve is a 100% cotton, preshrunk, 5.3oz shirt. It doesn’t come in as many colors as the short sleeve version, but rest assured that all the most popular color options are available. Want to really keep your cost down? Do your design with a single print color on one side of the shirt only, and order as many units as possible for extra savings!

Hanes Tagless Long Sleeve

Though there are truly a ton of fantastic t-shirt options, for many people when think of t-shirts, they think of the Hanes brand. The Hanes brand continues to carry a great deal of weight and thanks to Hanes long history as a quality brand many people are simply more comfortable knowing they are going to get a Hanes brand shirt. That is why the Hanes Tagless Long Sleeve t-shirt is a great option for people who are looking to buy a mid-priced long sleeve t-shirt.

The Hanes Tagless Long Sleeve is a 100% cotton, tagless shirt that is available in all the most popular Hanes brand colors! The fact that it is tagless makes it really popular with customers who are looking for comfort and who want to avoid the irritation that a tag might cause. This is a really great shirt for customers who are willing to pay a little bit more for extra comfort.

Hanes Beefy Long Sleeve

The Hanes Beefy Long Sleeve tee is like the Hanes Tagless’ big brother. The Beefy line of tees from Hanes is one of their absolute most popular, well-recognized, and highly sought after products. This line of shirts not only carries the usual high level of quality associated with the Hanes brand, it goes above and beyond, providing an even softer, thicker, more premium shirt in a great variety of Hanes colors..

The Hanes Beefy Long Sleeve is a 100% cotton, preshrunk, 6.1oz shirt. This shirt makes a fantastic long sleeve option because it is heavier and warmer than other long sleeve shirts. This one is a sure pick for people who are willing to pay more for better quality and superior comfort.

Long Sleeve Performance Tees

Our first three picks were chosen for the average consumer who might be looking for a long sleeve shirt for any number of reasons and purposes. Whereas the long sleeve performance t-shirt is the shirt of choice for athletes and teams who need a great quality, long sleeve shirt they can depend on. These performance shirts are designed specifically with the athlete in mind and they are made to offer that extra advantage in terms of comfort and performance.

Typically the performance version of the long sleeve shirt will be a 100% polyester fabric or a cotton/poly blend. That is because most performance long sleeve shirts are designed to wick moisture away from the body because athletes are in the unique position of needing a shirt that can keep them both warm and cool at the same time. The weather outside may be cold, but once they start running and sweating they need a shirt that can get rid of that excess moisture and help them keep their temperature regulated. This line of long sleeve shirts offers that high degree of versatility and performance.

Thermal Long Sleeve Tees

The thermal long sleeve tee is actually a style of shirt that first pops into the heads of many people when they think of a winter, long sleeve shirt. That is because the thermal shirt is specially designed to offer a premium of warmth to the wearer. This shirt is the product of choice for many people who live in very cold climates or who will be outdoors for prolonged periods of time in cold weather.

The thermal long sleeve also offers unique advantages in terms of style and individuality. It definitely stands out compared to the other long sleeve choices on the list and many people really like not only the way it feels but also the way it looks. This shirt is an enduring classic and we know it isn’t going to go anywhere any time soon!

We hope that this short list of 5 great long sleeve options has gotten you thinking about the best choice for your next winter shirt order. Remember these tees can be fully customized with your own text and logo. Plus, you can order them along with your summer short sleeve picks as well for an even better total order quantity price! For more information about any of these shirts or to discuss other questions or concerns please give us a call at 1-800-571-7615 or send us an email!

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