Mixing Up Your T-Shirts In Orders Can Be A Win-Win For Everyone

Mixed T Shirts

One of the things we frequently encounter is customers who want to get a little variety when they do their orders. That is certainly understandable, and we know while there are many events and occasions in which it is great to get a large quantity of matching shirts, quite often people feel the natural urge to mix it up a little. However, what typically happens in these instances is that customers easily get confused about how to place their orders and how the added variety will affect their prices. Let’s take a look at a few different scenarios and what happens with each.

Same Design, Different Shirt Colors

Scenario: You have a single design that you want to use for all your shirts, however, you want to order half in one shirt color, and half in another. Perhaps you even want to order several different shirt colors.

Pricing: You will be priced based on your quantity for the design, not each separate shirt color. Thus if you have 36 pieces in 3 colors, you will be priced for the lower 36 piece total quantity rather than for 3 separate 12 piece designs. In fact there is no extra charge whatsoever for doing different shirts. However, If you need to change the ink colors that are printed on the shirt there may be a small ink change fee. Nevertheless, this is a much less expensive option than doing completely different designs.

Ordering: To place your order, simply do the design on any one of the shirt colors that you need, process the entire order online on that single shirt color, and then in the comment section simply add the notes about your different shirt colors and the size breakdown for each color. As an example, if you need 36 shirts, in the breakdown:

Royal: 4 S, 4 M, 4 L
White: 6 S, 6 XL,
Red: 7 M, 5 L

You could simply place the entire order online on White as 10 S, 11 M, 9 L, 6 XL, and then specify in the comment box the color/sizes as shown above.

However, if you have any concerns or would simply feel more comfortable speaking to one of our customer service representatives, simply give us a call to finalize the order by phone.

Same Design, Different Shirts

Scenario: You may be ordering the same design for a wide group of people who want different shirts. For example some people might want regular, unisex t-shirts, while others want ladies’ shirts, tank tops, pocket tees, long sleeve shirts, hoodies, or simply a more or less expensive style shirt.

Pricing: You will be priced based on your total order quantity for the design. Thus if you have 23 pieces in the breakdown: 5 regular unisex tees, 8 ladies’ t-shirts, 7 pullover hoodies, 2 pocket tees, and 1 organic t-shirts, you will still be priced based on a total order quantity of 23 pieces. Your price will vary on each item depending on the cost of the item itself – for example the hoodies will obviously be more expensive per piece than the t-shirts – but you’ll still get the total quantity bulk rate.

Ordering: Rest assured that you are welcome to do this type of order; however, due to its more complex nature, you will need to call us to finalize the order.

Different Design, Same (or Different) Shirts

Scenario: You need to order multiple different designs. You may have the same shirt for all designs, different shirt colors, or even a variety of different products.

Pricing: You will be priced based on the quantity per design. Thus if you have 15 pieces of one design, and 17 pieces of another design, you will be priced based on 15 pieces and 17 pieces, not on a 32 piece quantity.

Ordering: You can place your orders normally online and each design is considered a completely separate order. You will still get free standard shipping on all orders; however, and often we can also get you a better rush price if you need rush delivery.

The above scenarios are the most common ones that we see. However, there are a couple of other things worth mentioning. First, the minimum order per design is always 6 pieces. Again you can get fewer than 6 pieces if you have different shirts with the same design. However, if you have different designs it will need to be at least 6 pieces per design, even if your total order on all designs is much higher.

Second, screen printing and embroidery are always considered separate and will be priced separately. That means that if you have 8 t-shirts, and 7 polos, even if you want the same design on both items, they will be priced different because they would get different customization techniques. Again the minimum on each would be 6 pieces.

We are committed to providing you with excellent service and we want to do everything we can to allow for as much flexibility and as many options as you would like. Remember you can always call or email us with further questions or if you are uncertain exactly how your own unique situation would be classified. You will also get free standard shipping on all orders!

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