Best Ways To Collaborate On A Group Tee Shirt Design

The majority of our orders here at You Design It, are actually for groups of people who are ordering for various events and occasions. As such one of the questions we get the most often is how the person designing the shirts can share the design with everyone else, and in general what the best method is for collaborating on a design with a large group of people. That is why we wrote up this brief post to give you an overview of the process as well as some tips.

Poll Your Group

The most basic thing about working with a group of people is getting everyone’s input and working together to come up with the major design elements. That is why before you get started on the design itself it is a good idea to poll your group of people and get as much information as possible. What color schemes are they wanting to see in the design? Is there a specific style that your design should fit? What are the basic themes that you want to include?

Depending on how clear of a vision your group has going in, this initial task of gathering information about the various aspects of the design and making a decision about what you will actually design can be one of the most time consuming parts of the process. A good way to get started is to have a period of time in which anyone is allowed to suggest a color, style, or theme, and then after suggestions have been taken you can then vote on the most popular options. Of course in some cases these decisions will already be more or less made for you based on your company, school, team, or other group colors, or the general event that the design will be for.

Create Multiple Designs

Once you begin actually creating your designs, go ahead and do multiple, varied renditions of it. For instance you can experiment with curving the text differently, doing different parts of the design in different colors, making certain things bigger or smaller, or even outright altering the text and graphics completely. The reason that this is so helpful is that not only does it encourage creativity and get you thinking about things in a new way, it also allows more options for people to vote on. People like to have a choice, and without a choice they may just have a vague sense of, “This isn’t exactly what I wanted,” but with a choice the thinking often gets more productive and they can choose the best option, or more clearly voice what they would like to see different.

Share Them Socially

One of the best things about the social media revolution is the enhanced ability to quickly and easily connect with other people. That is equally true when it comes to sharing your design options with them. It is very easy to tweet a link to the design, Instagram a photo, or put links and pictures up on your Facebook or other social networking site. Doing so makes it easier for people see them which in turn makes them more likely to respond and more likely to respond quickly.

Take the Final Design and Experiment

Once you have gotten everyone to vote and you have reached a consensus on which of your initial designs is the best, don’t stop there. Instead take that “final design” and experiment just a little bit more. Consider switching up the colors, moving the graphics and text around, or resizing something. You may have already had perfection, but it doesn’t hurt to see if it can be just a little bit better. After all we save all versions of your design so you can easily go back to the original design if it turns out the experiment was a failure. Of course if the experiment ends up being a success your design will be that much better for it!

Pass Around the Final Proof for Approval

Once you have everything exactly as you want it, go ahead and pass around that final proof one more time. Make sure everyone gets a chance to see it and can vote, or at least give their input on it. This ensures that after the fact no one will be complaining that this wasn’t what they wanted or that they didn’t get a chance to let their opinions be heard.

Working with a group of people can be a challenging process. Everyone has their own tastes and preferences and what looks great to one person may look awful to another. However, by collaborating in a fair, open, and effective manner you can greatly reduce the risk of offending or disappointing anyone as well as significantly improve the quality of your overall design. Don’t forget we are also very happy to assist you each step of the way with any questions or concers that you may have, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

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